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Cow Beating Video Ignites Fury

A hidden camera at Conklin Dairy Farm in Ohio reveals several merciless employees beating and torturing cows and calves.

The group Mercy for Animals planted the camera in an effort to inform the public of the extreme brutality on the farm. Gary Conklin, owner of Conklin Dairy Farm, expressed outrage over the video and promptly terminated the employees in question. He then made a statement assuring the public that he will cooperate fully with inspectors and investigators handling the case.

The Conklin Dairy Farm video is so horrific it makes the Humane Society’s ad on abused animals look like a Disney cartoon.  Scenes of employees hitting the cows over the head with crowbars and punching little calves with clenched fists abound throughout the film. The opening clip shows a farm worker stomping on the head of one of the animals.  Should readers decide to watch the video, beware; the film is not for the faint hearted.

In addition to punching the animals, farm employees are heard bragging about torturing the animals; some scenes show cows being stabbed with a pitchfork.  Others show their tails being twisted to the breaking point.

The video footage has ignited the ire of animal lovers and activists nationwide who are calling on officials to show no mercy when it comes to punishing the obviously degenerate group of farm workers.  The MFA is urging lawmakers to prosecute the offenders for violating Ohio’s animal abuse laws.

The film underscores the fact that self-regulation in agriculture falls short of actually protecting animals.  The MFA is urging consumers to let their state and federal representatives know that current conditions are unacceptable.

Even though the video is extreme in maliciousness, the MFA states that many of their undercover investigations have demonstrated that cruelty to farmed animals is rampant across the nation.