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Tiger’s Troubles Costing him Money

By Rachel Stockton

Rachel Uchitel and her lawyer, Gloria Allred, cancelled a news conference that was scheduled yesterday; Allred’s daughter, Lisa Bloom (a legal analyst and frequent CNN contributor) told CNN that she speculates that a settlement was reached between “Team Tiger” and Uchitel.  Bloom maintained throughout her interview that the only time her mother has ever cancelled a media briefing is when a monetary settlement was on the table.

Tiger Woods, meanwhile, is reportedly making changes to his prenuptial agreement; CNN is reporting that his wife, Elin, is being offered $5 million to stay with the golfer through this embarrassing fiasco.  Only time will tell if she actually takes him up on that deal; if she does, she will receive $55 million after staying with him for ten years.

Woods’ neighbors are also speaking out; Jarius Adams, the gentleman who called 911, told police that when he went outside to check on the situation that Tiger was laying on the ground “snoring,” but that he did not smell alcohol.  Medical analysts have stated that snoring is not uncommon during an unconscious state.

Tiger Woods’ text messages with another cocktail waitress in Las Vegas have also been released; the woman said she felt “betrayed” by Woods, who apparently told her that she was the only “other” woman in the picture.  Woods purportedly carried on a 31 month affair with the woman, even seeing her during his wife’s pregnancy.

Legal analysts are also wondering whether or not Woods’ endorsements, which bring in millions, will be withdrawn due to the scandal; many believe he will be “forced” to make a public apology.