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Could coffee lower bladder cancer risk?


By David Liu

It has been known that drinking coffee may help prevent bladder cancer.   A new study in the May 4, 2012 issue of Preventive Medicine showed that drinking coffee was inversely associated with risk of  bladder cancer after data from case-control studies were analysed.

Yunping Zhou of Shandong University in PR China and colleagues found an inverse association after meta-analysing 23 case-control studies of 7690 incident cases of bladder cancer and 13,507 controls, but did not find an inverse association based on data from five cohort studies of 700 cases from a study population of 229,099 men and women.

Based on data from case-control studies, the researchers also found drinking 2 or 3 or 4 cups of coffee a day was correlated with a 15 or 22 or 29  percent reduction in the bladder cancer risk, respectively.

Based on data from cohort studies, the researchers found that one cup of coffee a day was linked to 9 percent reduction in the risk for bladder cancer.  For 2 cups, 3 cups and 4 cups a day, the reduction was 13, 9 or 1 percent respectively.

The findings from case-control studies and cohort studies were non-consistent, the researchers said.