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Cola may lower sperm counts

Men who drink lots of cola every day may reduce their fertility, a new study suggest.  

The Danish study showed men who drank about a quart or more of cola per day had 30 percent lower sperm counts than men who did not drink cola even though most of the reduced sperm counts are considered normal by the Word Health Organization, Reuters reported.

Dr. Tina Kold Jensen of Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen, Denmark and colleagues studied more than 2500 young men and also found that those who did not drink cola had better sperm quality.

The men who drank more than one liter per day of cola had only 35 million sperm per mL compared to 50 million sperm per mL for those who did not drink cola.

Caution needs to be exercised when the study results are interpreted as the study is not a trial and it did not reveal any causal relationship between drinking cola and reduced sperm counts.

Many things can be involved in the association, but the researchers told Reuters that caffeine may not be one of them.  Lifestyle may be a determinant as  those who did not drink cola tended to follow a healthier lifestyle.

By David Liu