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News alert: study does not say red wine cuts breast cancer risk

News media reports suggest that drinking red wine may reduce risk of breast cancer.  That is not what the study found!!!

One biggest problem with this study is that researchers simply compared red wine with white wine for their effect on estrogen, the female reproductive hormone that promotes the growth of breast cancer cells, and other hormones.  Yes, the study found that women when they drank red wine had a better hormone profile than when they drank white wine.  But that does not mean drinking red wine is better than drinking water or drinking nothing.  It is still possible that drinking either red wine or white wine boosts the risk of breast cancer.  It may be just that drinking red wine is the lesser of two evils.

Many studies have linked drinking alochol to increased risk of breast cancer.  The National Toxicology Program has officially recognized alcohlic beverages as carcinogens or cancer-causing agents. That is, drinking alcohol will cause cancer in some people.

Women whould not be misled to drinking red wine or whatever alcoholic beverages.  U.S. physicians recommend that if you drink alcohol, drink it in moderation. If you don't drink, don't get started.

A detailed report will be released soon on foodconsumer.org.