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Reader's response: New HoMedics Product Offers Germ Free Water - Restore

Hi David,
Thanks for providing so much great information on Food Consumer! There’s so much tips, data and info on staying healthy. I wanted to take a quick moment to introduce to HoMedics’ new Restore water purification system.
Consumers are concerned with the safety of drinking water more than ever. In fact, according to a 2009 Gallup Environmental survey, 59 percent of Americans say they worry “a great deal” about the pollution of drinking water. They have a right to be: recently, Milford, Massachusetts residents learned their water was contaminated with E. coli—officials neglected to tell the town for three days. To give consumers the ability to ensure clean, great tasting water at home, HoMedics is introducing Restore, a new water purification system that combines water filtration with UV light.
Restore uses UV Clean Technology, proven to kill micro-organisms and bacteria, to disinfect and purify water making it safer to drink. In addition, Restore uses a filter to remove heavy metals, chlorine and some industrial and agricultural pollutants. 
Regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the U.S. has one of the safest water supplies in the world. However, several threats exist:
The nation’s water infrastructure is deteriorating, and could threaten public health and safety if not replaced in time.

To ensure fresh tasting water, many people have adopted water filters. Unfortunately, these popular filters do not filter harmful bacteria or viruses.

Bottled water, a popular option for individuals on-the-go, is not regulated by the EPA and often does not include information on the source of the water, occurrence of contaminants in the water, if it is purified, and even, if it is simply bottled tap water.   It also is harmful to the environment, as 77 percent of bottles end up in landfills.
We’d like to invite you to join us for a Webinar to explain the benefits of UV Clean Technology and Restore with Dr. Philip Tierno, author of The Secret Life of Germs - What they Are, Why We Need Them, and How We can Protect Ourselves Against Them, on September 23 from 1-3 p.m. ET.

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