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BPA found in aluminum water bottles


A toxic chemical known as bisphenol A is present in some aluminum water bottles made by Sigg Switzerland.

ABC News reported that some eco-conscious consumers who chose to use aluminum water bottles to avoid BPA in plastic water bottles ended up finding that the aluminum water bottles made by Sigg Switzerland may be worse than plastic water bottles.

The problem is found with the epoxy liners used in the bottles which would release "trace amounts" of BPA and the manufacturer has known it since June 2006 but chose not to announce until last month.

The company uses on the bottles not only funky graphic patterns, according to ABC News, pictures of hello Kitty or skulls, but also slogans such as "Simply Eco Logical".

The company was cited as saying that bottles made before August 2008 contain BPA. New water bottles use an alternative "EcoCare" liner.

The U.S. Food and drug Administration claimed that BPA is safe while the U.S. National Toxicology Program reluctantly, but eventually acknowledged a couple of years ago that this chemical can harm the brain and reproductive system in young children.

Many studies have suggested that BPA may be implicated in breast and prostate cancer, diabetes, heart disease and hyperactivity in addition to the toxic effect on reproduction and brain development.

Experts agreed that even trace amounts of BPA can cause a significant impact on young children.

Of chemicals used in industries and consumer goods, only about 5 percent have ever been tested for their toxicity, according to media reports. BPA is not the only pollutant found in drinks and foods or their packaging material.

By David Liu davidl at foodconsumer dot org