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Hemp seed oil

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By Marie Cendejas

Hemp seed oil is pressed from the seeds of the cannabis sativa plant. It's been named nature's perfect food because of its balanced concentrations of omega fatty acids. Hemp used to be consumed worldwide, and it was one of the first cultivated and consumed crops, according to Natural News. 
There’s a false impression it contains THC. 
Hemp seed oil is now available in health-food stores.

The seed of the hemp plant contains some of the most balanced and richest sources of oils on the planet. The best 3:1 ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 is recommended by the World Health Organization for optimal utilization. The essential fatty acids in these oils are primary in restoring health and immune function. Hemp seed oil contains 80% essential fatty acids.

Hemp seed oil's excellent concentrations of EFA’s (essential fatty acids) is what it makes it so special. The oil could provide all of our EFA necessities for life. Essential fatty acids are the omega fats that can’t be produced by the body and must be ingested. They are known for their role in preventing heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cancer, and arthritis.

Dr. Johana Budwig is a seven-time Nobel Prize nominee, and a pioneer of EFA research. He reported success in treating heart infraction, arthritis, cancer, and other common diseases with massive doses of EFAs.

Essential fatty acids are indispensable for the function and development of the brain and nervous system and the production of healthy cell membranes. They also supply hair and skin with necessary nutrients and aid in various other functions in the body.

Fish oil supplements are also a great source of EFAs, mainly Omega 3s. There are also concerns that some sources of fish oil are contaminated with mercury and other toxins. Hemp seed oil contains Omega 3, 6, and 9, is a great alternative that will provide the same benefits as fish oil without ingesting any toxins.

Hair, skin, and nails are all formed from the same line of dermal cells. People who use hemp oil report having thicker and shinier hair, softer skin, and stronger nails. Since hemp seed oil is nearly identical to our own lipids, its capable of penetrating our cells and lubricating the surfaces between them. Its used to nourish not only dry skin but blotches and lesions, and can also detoxify the skin and even out skin tone. You can safely use hemp oil as a skin moisturizer without clogging up your pores.

Many possible uses of hemp oil as a direct treatment, its efficacy at treating eczema. Researchers, led by Dr. J. Callaway at the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Clinical Nutrition at the University of Kuopio Finland, studied the benefits of hemp seed oil on patients with atopic dermatitis (eczema) and reported the following results: "We saw a remarkable reduction in dryness, itching and an overall improvement in symptoms."

Special properties of hemp oil:
-Only plant containing vitamin D
-Contains vitamin E 
-Relives premenstrual stress
-Has unequaled anti-inflammatory properties 
-natural sunblock

Dr. Callaway said, "Hemp seed oil products are true superfoods that are brimming with greatness. I'd have to conclude that this is probably the healthiest oil on the market."

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