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What Happens When 'Organic' Baby Formula Isn't Organic? -- newsletter from Organic Consumers Association

   BLOG POST OF THE WEEK Looming Deadline Oh, to be a fly on the wall inside the offices of the top lobbyists for the Grocery Manufacturers Association ...
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Big Ag attacks organics - from EWG

Just this month, more than 30,000 people have signed EWG’s petition in support of growing more organics. But Big Ag isn’t getting the picture. Their industry ...
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Tell Congress: Don’t Give My Money to Monsanto!

Tell Congress: Don’t Give My Money to Monsanto! It’s not enough that many of our Congress members are fighting alongside Monsanto to keep GMO labels off ...
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Our Latest Ad in The Hill Asks Congress: - ResponsibleTechnology.org

            "Are millions suffering needlessly because the EPA hid the dangers of Roundup?" The EPA hid Monsanto’s secret studies on Roundup for ...
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DARK Act Comeback Inevitable? - newsletter 042416 from Organic Consumers Association

     ESSAY OF THE WEEK Dairy Clarity As conscious consumers, we look to labels to help us make choices that are good for us, good for the environment, ...
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Tiny Traces, Deadly Secrets - Newsletter 041516 from Organic Consumers Association

     ESSAY OF THE WEEK Tiny Traces, Deadly Secrets The Big Food giants, the pesticide and genetic engineering corporations such as Monsanto, the chemical, cosmetics, body care, food ...
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Koch Industries, Monsanto and the $175-Billion Fertilizer Industry

ESSAY OF THE WEEK Partners in Crime What do you know about the worldwide chemical fertilizer industry? If you’re like most people, not much. There’s plenty of press ...
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Meet the Indiana Jones of Landscape Restoration - newsletter 033116 from Organic Consumers Organization

     ESSAY OF THE WEEK Interview with John D. Liu He’s known to some as the “Indiana Jones” of landscape degradation and restoration. John D. Liu, ecosystem restoration researcher, educator ...
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Decoding labels - newsletter 033016 from EWG

In a huge victory for consumers, we successfully stopped the DARK Act from passing the Senate earlier this month. But we’ve still got a LOT of ...
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