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Tell Congress: Consumers Want the Right to Choose Raw Milk!

Tell Congress: Consumers Want the Right to Choose Raw Milk! The health benefits of raw milk have been widely documented. Yet in many states, farmers and

Corn, Corruption, and the Presidential Caucuses - newsletter 020416 from Organic Consumers Association

  The Trouble with Iowa Yes, the Iowa caucuses are over. The winners announced, more or less. But this article, which appeared in Harper’s Magazine this week, ...
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Vaccines, Lies and the CDC

TOP NEWS OF THE WEEK The Science of Deceit According to its website, Cornell University’s mission is “to discover, preserve, and disseminate knowledge; produce creative work; and promote ...
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He said. She says? Newsletter 011816 from Organic Consumers Association

BLOG POST OF THE WEEK The Sky Will Not Fall Monsanto and the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) have long defended their die-hard stance against mandatory GMO labeling ...
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What to expect from Monsanto in January

k #regenerate!  Dear Organic Consumer,  In 2001, the biotech industry named Tom Vilsack (now USDA Secretary of Agriculture) “Governor of the Year,” thanks to his loyal support of ...
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Many Question If These Charities Help World Hunger

By Martha Rosenberg Every year during the holiday season, Americans receive a marketing catalogue in the mail from Heifer International, an Arkansas-based live animal charity. ...
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Something is happening

Dear Organic Consumer,  Something is happening. There’s a shift taking place. An awakening. A connecting of the dots between our soil, climate, and food. Between our health, and the ...
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McDonald’s and Nestle Renounce Cruel Eggs--But More Needs to Be Done

By Marth Rosenberg Recently food giant McDonald’s announced it would use 100 percent cage-free eggs in ten years. This week food giant Nestle made a similar ...
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URGENT REQUEST: Donate $10 or more to EWG’s Rapid Response Team to help us raise $25,000 by 5 p.m. TODAY so we can fight back ...
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Victory! Agent Orange Crops Halted

    Great news. In response to CFS litigation, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced it is revoking the registration of “Enlist Duo,” a toxic pesticide ...
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