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Proposed mergers by biotechnology firms could result in cotton seed price surge

Consumers would pay more for food and fiber Writer: Blair Fannin, 979-845-2259, b-fannin@tamu.edu Contacts: Dr. Henry Bryant, 979-845-2116, h-bryant@tamu.edu Dr. Aleksandre Maisashvili, 979-845-2116, amaisashvili@email.tamu.edu Dr. Joe Outlaw, 979-845-5913, joutlaw@tamu.edu Dr. James Richardson, 979-845-5913, jwrichardson@tamu.edu COLLEGE STATION – Proposed mergers by the

Two of the worst corporate criminals headed to the altar - Newsletter 091716 from Organic Consumers Association

   TOP NEWS OF THE WEEK #BillionsAgainstBayer Bayer and Monsanto finally agreed to say “I do” yesterday (September 14), striking a $66-billion deal that Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant tried ...
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Are you eating 100-percent natural weed killer?

b "100% Natural" Weed Killer? You’ve heard a lot in the past few years about consumers’ right to know about GMOs. And believe me when I say ...
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No Bacon Day

Vegetarians & Vegans Unite! Cool Foods’ Vegi Bacon Bits & Dips Unveils “NO BACON DAY” Campaign to Begin On International Bacon Day September 3 Campaign Created ...
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Tell Jessica Alba and Honest Co.: No Fake Organic Baby Formula - Newsletter 083116 from Organic Consumers Association

Tell Jessica Alba and Honest Co.: No Fake Organic Baby Formula!   When new moms buy baby formula labeled “organic” they expect that product to actually meet ...
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Another GE Apple? No thanks! newsletter 083016 from Center for Food Safety

    Tell USDA to say NO to the GE Fuji Apple >>  After decades of promises from the biotech industry that genetically engineered (GE) ...
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OCA Sues General Mills-Owned Nature Valley - newsletter 082516 from Organic Consumers Association

   TOP NEWS OF THE WEEK 'Natural' Carcinogen? General Mills claims that its Nature Valley granola bars are “Made with 100% Natural Whole Grain Oats.” Given that claim, ...
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Monsanto + Bayer = Trouble - from Center for Food Safety

  Urge the DOJ to block these seed and chemical company megamergers >> Over the last few decades, a handful of agrichemical giants have acquired ...
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FDA to accept public comments on endocrine-disrupting phthalates in food until Sept. 16.

Editor's note: The deadline for the comments to be accepted seems to be Sept 19 instead of Sept 16.  For more information, refer to the ...
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Burger King: Say NO to GE Apples

    Tell Burger King to reject genetically engineered apples >> Apple season is quickly approaching. And after the USDA approved the first genetically ...
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