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What is MSG? Is it harmful?

What is MSG?   Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a flavor enhancer that is commonly used to boost the savory taste associated with meat flavor or Umami

The GMO, glyphosate and autoimmune disease connection

    Jeffrey Smith, as well as GMO and Glyphosate researchers G. E. Seralini and Stephanie Seneff were interviewed as part of this amazing 7-part docu-series on ...
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Chromium-6, the cancer-causing chemical

This is absolutely outrageous. A new EWG report reveals that chromium-6, the cancer-causing chemical I first investigated in 1991, contaminates the water supplies of more than ...
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What is Datem in bread?

What is Datem in bread?  Datem is the common name for a food additive known as diacetyl tartaric acid ester of mono- and diglycerides, which ...
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Titanium dioxide damages the brain

Titanium dioxide nanoparticles (TiO2 NPs) are commonly used in food products, cosmetics and dietary supplements.   A growing body of evidence has suggested that ingestion of nanoparticles ...
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Fluoride causes more than bone cancer

Fluoride is known to lower IQ in children, cause bone cancer in boys, and induce dental and skeletal fluorosis.  In fact, fluoride can cause more ...
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Is your ice cream flavored with a poison banned in Europe?

Would you feed your child yogurt or ice cream contaminated with an herbicide so bad it was banned in Europe more than a decade ago?  Not ...
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Fluoridation Useless for Low-Income Children, Federal Data Shows

  New York – Sept 1, 2016 -- CDC 2011/2012 statistics reveal low-income children’s tooth decay rates are increasing substantially - despite record numbers of children served fluoride ...
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Video: Fluoridation Debate Reveals Fluoride Lowers IQ by 7 points

Editor's note: In the video, the fluoridation opponent reveals that exposure to fluoride could lead to a loss of 7 points in IQ, which is huge. Fluoride can also cause skeletal and dental fluorosis, which can be a more severe condition than dental cavity. Those who want to prevent dental cavity or caries may consider eating more green vegetables which have tons of minerals. These minerals will ensure that your saliva is of high pH. High pH saliva can neutralize acids in the mouth and prevent acids from damaging the teeth....
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Televised Fluoridation Debate & Our Shirt Sale Ends at Midnight

    AUGUST 15, 2016     **There are only a few hours left to get a limited-edition "Our Water, Our Health, Our Choice" shirt before they become unavailable at midnight (U.S. ...
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